Vintage Toy Logo for a Client


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I just produced a logo for a client, just looking for a little bit of feedback and some opinions.

I personally dont think its quite finshed and needs some more work.

View image: Mjtoys


It looks alright, but have you thought about how that's going to work when you have to cram it into a Twitter avatar or something like that?

It's fairly high in both detail and texture to be recognisable at a glance.
I like it but agree with Tony about simplicity. Perhaps investigate how you'd do a 'stripped back' version for Twitter/Facebook and even a website favicon.
I think it looks great but, as above, there will be instances where all of the effects aren't going to work.

Create a black and white copy and then apply solid colours to that from there. This one is great for use when the logo is a larger format, but having it in its most basic of form will undoubtedly prove useful, further down the line at least.
It's a beautiful logo in it's current size. The only thing I would change is the type on the ribbon. I'd make it bigger.

I agree with the other poster about it's scalability. You definitely should to try it out in black and white and at different sizes.
Thanks for the comments & feedback very appreciated. I have gathered from most of the replies that I need to make a simplified version, and make the text slightly bigger on the banner :)