Video Game Graphical User Interface Re-design


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Video Game Graphical User Interface Re-design

For part of a University project I'm re-designing an N64 interface to create an effective PC style interface while keeping to the theme of the original game.
The game that I have used as a base for the items/spec list is The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time. The screens I will be re-designing are just the equipment, items, quest and map screens.

A simple paper prototype has already been created of the interface which highlighted several issues. These design issues were resolved before beginning work in Photoshop. The Photoshop assets will be put together and animation added in Flash, the final interface will be displayed in UDK using Scaleform.

A video will be posted shortly to explain the path through the interface in more detail and clearly explain each section.

The following images are the current screens and assets for the interface in Photoshop. Any suggestions and critique would be most appreciated :)

Inventory Screen:
This is a combination of the original equipment and items screens. Depending on which wooden/brown tab is selected it will be highlighted (button highlights/variations that will be shown below). If equipment is selected then only a specific group of items would be visible.

The inner window around the green tunic icon shows that it would be currently selected and its description would appear in the box below.

The character model is included as it would be updated when suitable equipment is selected.

In case the image doesn't appear correctly: Stage/Inventory31.jpg:original

Quest Screen:
This includes the main quest items and ocarina song notes and the tune you should play. The highlight around the note would only be applied to the currently selected song note. The required keys for the song would then be shown.

In case the image doesn't appear correctly: Stage/quest20.jpg:original

Map Screen:
This would simply be the map screen. The location name would change depending on the players location.

In case the image doesn't appear correctly: Stage/Map10.jpg:original
Looking pretty good. A couple of things though, the font used in the quest log is a little hard to read, and I'd personally reduce the size of the text for the menu titles ('Inventory' or example, could be a little smaller to allow more space either side. Also that map doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the style. The thick outline makes it 'pop' form the page.