Video editor required (maybe filming too)



Can I have your quotes please for a short video edit - it's a little promo video for the front page of a website giving a quick overview of the company:
  • roughly 2-3 minutes long
  • much of the time the camera will be focussed on the speaker, with a handful of images faded in and out while he speaks (images provided).
    No silly over-the-top effects, just a simple fade in and out as a "Here's one before... and after" kind of thing
  • a bit of text over the final frames to emphasise the "Contact us for a quote" part
  • to be web ready - we will most likely upload to YouTube to embed in the website
  • copy of script can be provided for reference
No fixed budget in mind, just tell me what you charge.

We can provide the video from an HD hand-held but if you are able to supply professional videography too, please state that as a separate figure - the location is a couple of miles from J18 of the M1. Again, nothing fancy, literally just the guy talking.

We are creating the website at the same time so no visual reference yet.

Looking forward to hearing from you - thanks.
I've just passed a link to this post onto a friend of mine who's currently based in Salford. I'll let you know when I hear back from him.
Thank you very much to all who responded - my partner on the project is finalising the details for the successful one.

Have a good weekend :)