Video editing


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Hi there
I have been asked to submit a video (answering certain questions) as part of job application for Graphic Design. Making videos is not something I do regularly. I have done a couple of practice videos but the size is very big.
Any help with the following questions would be appreciated please:
  1. Initial videos filmed on older IMAC using Quicktime player - size very big
  2. Second attempt done on a Samsung Galaxy - size also very big
  3. What settings should I choose (on the IMAC and smart phone) to make the smallest video possible for sending via whatsapp and email?
  4. Which apps are best to further reduce the size? I downloaded: YouCut and VN Video Editor but the video is still pretty big
  5. There is probably a better way....please advise
Many thanks


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In all honesty you need to answer some other questions before we can help...
1. How long is the video
2. What resolution is the video
3. What codec/formats are you using (ie h264, h265 etc)
4. Did the job application specify any settings for the video
5. What do you class as 'big' when it comes to your videos