Using Sales person to generate new work?



My design studio has been working on a large CMS website project for the past couple of months that we intend to start selling to businesses very soon (the website will be an off-the-shelf product that could be re-skinned by individual companies.)

I've been considering employing a freelance sales person to call businesses in the area to help sell this CMS product.

My question is does anyone else have experience of doing this and what are the things to avoid? I would only employ the Sales person in a freelance capacity.

Any help & advice would be much appreciated

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I do have experience of employing sales people (in several industries):

My comments (some which may seem obvious, but...):

1. Find someone good. Be patient. Do not go for the compromise (often the best are not available)
2. Consider basic plus commission (unless payments will arrive fast)
3. Consider the commission structure in terms of when paid - at invoice, order placement, payment?
4. What if a salespersons sale - leads to another by recommendation - is commission paid? Same level?
5. Can enough businesses be accessed? When should they be revisited?
6. Train the salesperson - what can you do, what can you not do?
7. Demo equipment, samples, etc.

A few thoughts.

Best wishes

Hi Peter,

Thanks very much for the reply to my question, you've brought up some very valid points.

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I am looking at doing this soon to promote my print business.

I am going to advertise on Gumtree with the intention of getting a polite (ideally older) person.
I will definitely do basic and commission and send them round the industrial estates.

in fact I will put out the add today :icon_smile:
Basically you're looking for someone with direct sales experience. Good guys are extremely rare.

If someone is good at sales they usually move on to easier sales and high price ticket items after a short space of time.

However there are ones who prefer to work with 2/3 companies at the same time selling complementary type goods. They do this mostly to avoid getting bored. (thats why I have several different roles otherwise I'd just get bored)

I know of a company that advertises roles like you mention to 'experienced sales' people. They'll probably advise you on your market & how you should pay. Best of all their 'sales' people are always keen self employed and experienced. (I've used the used this root before)

I hope its OK to give this link. The company is called AgentBase.

AgentBase UK - Sales Agents, The National Sales Agent Register:icon_thumbup: