Using an agent to find work

Hi there, I'm a freelance graphic designer trying to gather together a portfolio of inspiring, exiting work which as most of you probably know is difficult when tied to one company churning out the same old catalogues or annual reports etc. Someone mentioned having an agent who can find the work for you (not a recruitment agent) and searches for the most suitable jobs or projects according to your needs and interests etc. Can anyone advise me on how to find an agent and whether they are financially viable etc.? Does anyone have an agent themselves? would you recommend this way of finding work. Any advice on networking would be much appreciated too...

Thanks in advance!
Hey I haven't heard of this but I would like one lol I think work is work right, I mean if your getting the work your getting the experience and thrill of designing no matter how you found it.

I would use and agent if it meant you got the work, although i expect you would have to give them a huge cut of your wage so I would have to see if it would be worth having an agent.....

I dont think that would have helped you at all lol

No idea if you can actually get an agent for GD in the sense you are talking of. I have illustrator friends who have agents - you can get one by sending them your stuff to see if they like you and they'll interview you (if they like your stuff) and perhaps take you on. Cut is 30% for them.

Like I said, don't know if you can get one for GD.
Hey, thanks for responding so quickly guys. Yeah I had suspected they would take quite a large cut but if it saves a lot of time and hassle and means you avoid getting lumbered with the wrong kind of work, I guess it's worth it. It's the same with recruitment agencies but I've not had much luck with those in the past. They start off all enthusiastic and hopeful then you don't hear from them again! or if you do they put you forward for unsuitable jobs.

:icon_dunno:I'm stuck working for a company I don't like at the moment but haven't got as much time as I'd like to look for something else. It's so difficult (especially with the current competition) to find the exiting juicy jobs! Out of interest what do you guys do for work? Feeling inspired most of the time?
I am a graphic designer & pre press person for a print company. I love my job, I find a good challenge to be had in making something like a business card or letterhead stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. i think there's challenge to be had in making the boring exciting and appealing. :icon_smile:

I agree, that's fine if the briefs are to come up with new designs or improve old but without going into detail the company I'm currently with has only one main client who is rather narrow minded and so all of the briefs tend to be dictated rather than open to suggestion or design expertise. I'm sure we're in the minority and there are plenty more agencies out there who have more creative freedom and diversity. So I shall keep looking :)

Sorry, I have one other query! I'm about to do a small freelance job for a new client which involves recreating a logo as a vector file (plus supplying TIFF, JPEG & PDF) and possibly applying it to letterhead and comp slip. I usually charge by the day or hour but on this occasion she would like one single fee. Does £80 for the lot sound reasonable for a logo that's already designed and just needs recreating and applying to stationery?

Thanks again!
What I would do in this instance, is just have a good look at what's required - ie recreation and stationary, and gauge how long it would take me to do and apply my hourly fee to that. So I am assuming here it'll take you around 4 - 5 hours total? Thats seems a reasonable time frame to me given what's required. You aren't selling the logo design as the client has already bought this. (I assume!)
I think you should put something in your quote & contract though, to cover yourself if you go over your time allowance and whatnot (in case of endless amends, trust me, it happens a lot here. A letterhead can go on literally for months because of endless tiny tweaks here and there.)
Definitely a reasonable price from your customer's point of view though.

And give Lauralil a poke, she's just started freelance so has lots of useful advice to impart.