Useless Project Managers.

As some of you may know I'm 16 erm
I've been looking for a new way to make some cash basically and
I went for a face to face meeting with a project manager who has a big client base..
The first client is a financial advisor client

The site :

I've done exactly what he's asked , yet the way it works is I can't actually speak to the client..
and it seems like he's just hard to please.

I dunno what to do now, Its easy enough to whip up a design for a website
but how do I get clients? What do I do?

So what is the problem then, you title it 'useless project managers' but don't explain what exactly the problem is and what it is he has done.

What feedback have you received?
I'm guessing it's a general annoyance at not being put into contact directly with the client. He's getting the PM's interpretation of what the client wants, rather than being put into direct contact with the client themselves.

Sometimes it's a necessary evil, a lot of people hire someone like the PM to handle the things they don't want/have time to do. He's probably even added a percentage on top of what you're charging to cover his fee. If you spoke directly to the client, he'd lose out on that.
Lots of graohic and web designers are at the end of a design brief. You need to ask the Project Manager to ask the Client questions. What do they want to achieve? Who are their competitors? I have a series of questions (may still be on my website) that I ask clients. What information do you think you are lacking?