Used Mac or brand new Windows Laptop


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I'd not long joined the old forum and then it disappeared! I'm guessing that this is it as a merger since it has most of the same members? :icon_confused::icon_biggrin:

Anyway, I'm looking for a new computer, but due to (fairly tight) budget, I'm looking at a windows laptop (which I currently have, but it's falling apart!), or a used Imac/Macbook. Just wondering if its safe to go for a used Mac, or am I best just settling for another pc (which wasn't too bad to be fair), that is brand new? Are the older shape Macbook Pros any good and reliable?
My Mac book pro has just died :( Luckily I have an imac still:) but my mac book pro was brilliant, it served me well and I never had any problems with it it was just old and the mother board went. I bought it second hand because I wanted a 17 inch pro and couldn't afford a new one so I got the older model at the time much cheaper and it was only a few months old. Because I got it second hand, I got a good price for a super fast, suped up mac with a load of memory, ram, graphics card blah blah blah but basically it was really fast and great, I miss it alot! I was really worried about buying second hand computer but I got a great computer for much cheaper just because someone wanted the newest version! So I was happy! I think you could probably get a good deal now because they have the newest fancy screen mac book pro out so maybe someone is getting rid of a fairly new computer to upgrade :)
If you buy a second hand Macbook Pro, especially one that's still relatively new, it will probably last you a lot longer than a brand new Windows laptop. I've seen MB Pros for sale that still have the Apple Care attached because people are wanting to upgrade to the newer version. Macs hold their value pretty well too, much more so than the vast majority of PCs. Plus, you can't argue with paying £20 for new versions of the operating system.

Apple have finance options available if you wanted to pay monthly, but like anything on finance you end up paying quite a bit more than the original price. If you end up buying one second hand and the seller claims Apple Care is still valid, be sure to check the serial number on the bottom against the Apple Care site. This should tell you if it really is valid still.
I've certainly been using 'old' Macs for some years now. I have a cupboard full of old (and really now, useless Macs) cost hubby won't throw away stuff that is still working! PCs we have chucked loads of them away. Buy the fastest 2nd hand Mac you can. I have used an old G4 Mac mini for design - slow - but fine otherwise.
Thank you. I've done a bit of looking around, and think I will try to get an older PowerMac g4 or an Mac Mini as these are more within my budget, then just get a apple keyboard/mouse etc and use the niiiiiice monitor I've been offered to go with. I've seen a few on ebay too but I'm not too trusting of that site. I'll be stuck with loading inkscape et all onto it until I can afford to buy the proper kit, but it's a start I guess! thanks, i'm quite excited now! :)
Check out a great company I found when looking for used mac / repair of apple kit.

Gonzo is the guys name, and he is not there to hard sell to you, just honest advice. He also has used imac, towers and laptops.

Apple-Bay Ltd.
Unit J
Linsford Business Park
Linsford Lane
GU16 6DL
01252 375167

Mention me, Neil at Scubaprint - always good to get a name check!!