Urgent Online Shop Build Quote Required

Hi all Developers

Could you please PM quotes to me directly please, I need urgent quotes back by Monday 21st Sept 09 Midday (but will still accept later quotes for future reference).

Apologies for the short notice, I had put all my eggs in one basket and the other person cannot deliver within a reasonable budget.

Web Development For a Complete Transactional Website (Online Shop)

The website will have an admin suite to enable the client to
Create, edit and delete departments
Create, edit and delete products
Create, edit, and delete information pages

 Products will have relationships to others.

 Highlight new products, special offers, bestsellers

 The visitor will be able to search for products.

 Customers will be able to upload their comments/reviews about the products. Client may wish to approve these comments before they are displayed.

 The order system will be implemented by using a bespoke shopping cart/ordering system with an online payment service such as world pay or by using a system such as paypal.

 Orders would be entered into a database, invoices will be produced and emailed to the customer and the customer can track the order through UPS for example.

 We would need to program the additions for vat and postage and packing.

 We may want to add a newsletter at a later stage so we would need an ‘add to a mailing list’ option.

 The client may want to be able to update other pages as well as the shop. For example terms and conditions.
These could be simple text pages or more complex pages such as faq’s

 Customer login, previous orders, forgotten passwords will all be required. If it is then the customer must be able to update their stored information.

 Other things that want to include are discounts for vouchers. Gift vouchers.

Your price should cover: (please break down your price for each of these)

 CSS of Site Design
 Implementing the admin suite
 Integrating the front and back end
 Generating the javascript menus from the shop departments (slide down menu or other interactive way of showing/hiding menu items.
 Ordering system using a merchant bank
 System to update simple text pages ( and images on those pages)
 System to update to update faqs
 Customer login etc
 Meta tag system so that client can update the meta tags on any page
 Online Training and support
 Search Engine submission

The System

We are proposing that the site would be written in any of the following; PHP, Active Server Pages, Vbscript, Javascript and HTML and hosted on a windows server with Persits or equivalent facilities and Access 2000 database.
The client would be able to update the data driven sections from any computer with an internet connection.
The admin suite would be password-protected.

Please advise what level of training and support will be available.

Site Statistics:
please advise what you can offer can you offer?

Search Engine Optimisation

 Meta Tags will be included on every page to help site promotion.
 Each page will have a relevant and meaningful title.
 Where appropriate the most pertinent content will be placed in summary form in the first paragraph or paragraphs at the top of the page.
 Client will be able to edit the meta tags for all of the pages using the admin suite.

Online Marketing
We will need to carry out submissions to the following search engines:
Google, Lycos, Yahoo, Altavista and AskJeeves
The site will also need to be submitted to the Open Directory, which will crawl the web site and list it.
This should all be included in the quote under search engine submission.

Thank you. CK