URGENT!! I need a graphic design project ASAP!!


I've been reading this site but have not posted for a while!

I have to complete one last module before I can get my degree as I 'defaulted' on a previous module!
For this I'm required to do a real brief, or one set by someone external (design studio etc), and for deadlines/budgets/restrictions etc to be imposed, and feedback and evaluation at the end!! I have about 6wks to submit the module before the next exam board sits!!

I'm just wondering if maybe a designer/design business from here would/could maybe set me a small-ish project to do, or use a brief you've worked on in the past? And to provide me with feedback, and some kind evalaution at the end?!

I think they want to see that I can work in a controlled/restricted way and still be creative, show project management and so on.

If anyone can be of any help it would be MUCH MUCH appreciated!! My main interests are Corporate ID/Branding/illustration/Packaging, though I'll give anything a go!!

My email addy is: [email protected]

Would you be interested in a doing design-brief for a microsite for a band?

Let me know. :icon_wink:
May have a old project we completed back in January for high profile brand, drop me a line if interested, i think it may be perfect