Upgrades for InDesign 1.5 anyone?


For reasons way too long and boring to go into, I need to upgrade InDesign 1.5 as high as possible.

Anyone that in their archives for a reasonable price?


Do you mean just buy a new copy or update? Adobe only update to the latest one but I think you can only do it from the version before (possibly 2 but I'm pretty sure it's one)

You could pick up a second hand copy but in order to be legal, the seller must fill out a license transfer form and send it to Adobe.

I'm not sure where you would find a non second hand earlier than CS5 legit indesign
I know that there was an update to version 2, there is a brand new one on Ebay from America and I'm waiting to see what the postage is and if they'll give me a buy now price.

I was asking if anyone had one of these updates about that was no more use to them and they wanted to sell. I have various updates for other older programmes kicking about in my archives.