Upgrade advice for graphic design studio


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Hi folks,

I work in a graphic design studio and our hardware is starting to show its age. We are planning an upgrade soon but need a little direction on the best route forward. I've listed the specs of the systems below:

We have 4 systems used for graphic design all with the following specs: 2.8ghz core 2 duo iMac's with 2GB ram running 10.5.8.
The server consists of a mac mini (unsure on spec) with 1TB external storage connected.

All the machines often freeze at the same time which suggests the load is too much for the server. The low memory is causing problems too when running multiple applications. We also plan to move from CS4 to 6 soon and this will mean updating the os on all the machines.

The easiest and cheapest route would be to upgrade the memory but I believe the maximum these iMacs can take is 4GB. Do you think this will be adequate or would we be better off buying new systems? The server needs looking at too as it's basically just a shared mini with an attached drive.