Unemployed experienced designer, Help!


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Hello everyone,

I wonder if this is the right place or not to share my thoughts.
I am a professional web & graphic designer with strong portfolio. I have been moved from Dubai to London to join my family here and now I am here permanently.

I really don't know how to find a job in design field in London as whenever I send my CV, almost all the times I get a call from a recruiter assuring me that I would be getting a job very soon because I have 8 years professionals experience and a strong portfolio. But there is no joy yet as its been two months being unemployed.

I just want to ask you guys to advise me if there is any way which makes this situation easy?

I am professional web, graphic and multimedia designer with 8 years of professional experience. I am also interested to work as free lancer.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Thanks in advance.