UK Space Industry needs good graphics

Nicholas Wise

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I'm looking for a full time graphics designer to work at the Satellite Applications Catapult at the Harwell Space Cluster here in Oxfordshire in the UK.

The Satellite Applications Catapult is a non-profit UK government funded organisation with the goal of generating growth through the UK space sector. We are looking to do this by making satellite-derived data and services more accessible to a wider community, including SMEs and entrepreneurs. A key part of this is the development of a software platform that takes away much of the complexity traditionally associated with using satellite data and services. This software platform will include widgets and pre-built applications for common activities and presentations.

I need someone who understands how to use graphics to emotionally engage with end users, how to appropriately attract attention to key screen elements based on context, how to support good user experience design with good visual designs, and how to showcase applications to make them appear "sexy" to users. My feeling is that we need to build on existing emotional engagement drawn from sci-fi games and movies in order to excite and enthuse people about space and satellites, and as such I think that I am looking for someone who understands graphics and animation in these fields. I freely admit however that I am not a graphics designer, so I'm willing to consider other ideas in support of job applications.

I don't need someone who has long term commercial experience, I'm looking for enthusiasm and creativity foremost. I will be looking for demonstration of ability prior to interview though.

The boring corporate job description is here:

My email address is nicholas.wise[at] - you can contact me with questions but formal job applications will need to go through HR, either via LinkedIn or career[at] Include your CV and some relevant examples of work please.
Unfortunately not, I'm looking for someone who can sit down together as part of the development team and be heavily involved in the creative process across all projects on an ongoing basis.