UK Law on using Fonts


Hey People,

Does anyone know how I can use my fonts that I use in my graphic design, logos and websites legally?

I believe that I have to get a license for each font that I use, is that correct? If so what about editing software like Photoshop and Illustrator. Once you buy the software fonts come with it. Does this mean that I have to buy the software and then buy licenses for each font I use.

Also where would the best place be to buy fonts that have licenses clearly available. I have checked out Google fonts and Dafont but there dosen't appear to be any clarification on how to use them within the law?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys :icon_wink:
Hi Sugar, I had a look at DaFont and there is a mention on how you can use the font, for example 'free for personal use', '100% free' and 'donationware'. However the author may also state something about purchasing a commercial license, by which you contact the author. If there is no mention at all, then I guess you are free to use the font for any purpose, except to sell.

You can purchase commercial fonts from Fontspring. You could also have a look at Fontsquirrel.

I hope this helps.