Typography of 2023

It's ok. There's not really a lot to critique to be honest. If we're critiquing the font, we would need to see the rest of it. The 2 looks a bit like a Z but it works ok when we see it with the other numbers.

On the whole it doesn't look very 'happy' - why grey text, why is one line greyer than the other, why do they not line up with 2023?
I was worried about 2! :)

I didn't want to write Happy New Year, but I thought maybe 2023 would be a little vague. Somehow, this is my first typography, so I didn't know what people's reaction would be. These words were white, which made them bold. I changed them into grey to make a harmony between colors.
The text disappears when seen small, though it's probably not intended to be seen small anyway, and I would do it in one or two of the bottom colours to tie it all in together.