TypeDNA Update

Pixels Ink

I got an e-mail from the developers today saying that the beta invites will be sent out shortly.

For those that don't know it is a new Font Manager application - TypeDNA

In the meantime I was invited to register on Fontshaker which is a browser based app which lets you view all of your installed fonts.

If anyone has the Cooliris plugin for viewing images on the web it works similarly to that but with your fonts :)

I think its a brilliant thing, here are a couple of screen grabs of it:

This is the screen you get when it loads, you just click on the left and right arrows to go to the next set of fonts.


If you then click on a window it brings it forward for closer inspection. You can then click on FLIP CARD and it will bring up a box where you can give your feedback on that particular font.


FontShaker looks really good Col, how clever is that?

I think the Font Manager is gonna be really good too, I haven't received an e-mail yet so will be registering my details again, just in case.

Cheers for the update :icon_thumbup:
TypeDNA is about to hit phase 2 beta. So hopefully not much longer until it's available commercially.

and yeah, Fontshaker is great.