TypeDNA - Font Manager

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Thought this looked quite interesting...

TypeDNA is a robust, standalone Font Manager and plug-in set that seamlessly integrates with all of the most common host applications including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Microsoft Office.

Once integrated, TypeDNA significantly enhances your application's font capabilities. For example, anyone can integrate TypeDNA with Adobe Photoshop to access a unique algorithm set that analyses, matches and mixes similar font features. Combined, these grant anyone the power to FIND / SORT / CHOOSE / COMBINE and MANAGE fonts quickly and easily without having to understand formal typography rules.

In BETA testing at the moment, looks good though: TypeDNA
Now this is interesting :eek: .. is it going to be for mac users also, any ideas ? at least i hope it will :)
No idea at this stage, surely it will as they are targetting graphic designers.

I know that for a limited time this software will be FREE of charge to download and use, it is due for release to the general public in early December so if anybody realises when it is live for download let us know.
Does look very good, about time something decent for PC font management was produced.

I've put in my interest for Beta Testing.