Type Lockup Issues

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Tony Hardy

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Hi everyone,

I've been working on a rebrand for myself/Canny Creative for the past few days, and I've got a logo that I'm 70-75% happy and positive with.

However, I'm having a real issue with the typography. Everything I've tried just hasn't worked. I'm also not impressed with the overall footprint of the icon.

Has anyone got any thoughts?

Here we go then, 3rd post in a row;

I was going for the angle of "using a great graphic designer/brand identity designer can increase your profits, raise more awareness of your brand and bring you more traffic and sales". So I was thinking down the bars and charts route, then, I misplaced the bars in Illustrator and they dropped above the V, inadvertently creating a pencil shape, which I liked.

Any thoughts?

Whenever I see bars like that at a glance I think music (graphic equalizer), also I think a pencil lends itself more to illustration maybe?
Yeah, I think you're right. I've worked on it a lot more since I posted that up, I'll post an update once I'm back from my meeting.
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