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I have to say that Twitter really need to get their act together.

I keep getting the server is down due to too many tweets (or similar) and to be honest their website and its functions aren't really stable, sometimes my page displays weird, sometimes the images of people I am following don't display, when I delete an update it doesn't always work first time...

....and now only 5 or 6 of my tweets are showing, it says in the updates section that I have 437, if I click it none of them show, just 5 or 6 of the latest ones, where have all the others gone?

Is it just me or has my page broke :icon_confused:
I'd get yourself "twirl" or "TweetDeck" I don't really have those problems (I use Twirl)
But that said they do have problems with too many people using twitter and it can't cope with the amount of users it is free though so I forgive them..

I don't have nearly that many tweets yet. I tried twhirl but didn't like it, trying tweetdeck now. Why are all the twitter clients desktop apps?

I just followed you btw :)
I've been converted, I've been using it for all of 2minutes and its really good like the built in search feature, thanks for the heads up!