Twitter ghost traffic


Anyone having any luck with Twitter conversion ads? It seems they instaquit the website, but the traffic keeps me coming back. 3 seconds average time spent is pretty low

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 18.21.09.png
No idea, never used it but clearly there's either something wrong with your site or the advert if the others are lasting longer...either that or it's something like a web crawler registering as a hit (is it paid by hit?)
Pretty sure website is fine cause my Facebook ads bring consistent applications. I dont have to much of a follwing on Twitter, but I know this wouldnt matter on FB. Anyone can start a page, then start generating leads via FB.

Yeah its done on pay for click on Twitter.
I know now that I came to the wrong place with this, but the forum poped up, and I realised I had an account ;-). It looks like the issue was this pre-clicked button, regarding TAP. Since I have unchecked it, I have been getting likes, follows amnd some applications. Nothing great, but at least something I can work with now.

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 18.24.00.png

Cheers anyway, just didnt want to leave a dead end thread