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Hi all,

Quick bit of information about me first of all:
I'm Stuart, I've been heavily involved in hosting for the business sector for quite a few years now. I've worked with a few of the bigger ISPs in the UK (one recent one was My main business deals with computer support for home and businesses users alike, with SLA's and guaranteed support options.... but...

I am also now pushing the hosting sides of the business forward.

I understand how competitive the hosting market is, and I am fully aware of just how many different options are available.

I'm just looking to see if there are any designers out there that would be interested in perhaps partnering up with the sister company Equiphase, and offering hosting options directly to their clients in the form of a reseller package via us.

If you are, or if you'd like to talk about what I'm trying to convey, send me a PM :)
Good luck! :icon_smile:

Thanks Eagle :)

We've got quite a few designers on our servers who just want the knoweldege that they can offer their customers a fantastic service with minimal fuss, but also at a good price.

cPanel also makes life so much easier ;)