Trial Days?!


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Hi everyone!

Carrying on from my last thread, it turns out that those brochures I made did give me some positive response.

I am working with a couple of other people from my University course and by accident we have created a sub contract Freelance Design company and have one company who have agreed to use us.

However I still want to work full time and so in the mean time I have received an offer from a design company.

Firstly I had to fill out a questionnaire, then I have been invited for a trial day and then a formal interview if the trial day goes ok.

It's a long process, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips to help me with my trial day?

All they have said is they have 3 projects for me, none of them are fun and will test me design and communication skills.

Never lose sight of the fact that commercial design is all about making clients more profitable. If you do this you'll not go far wrong.