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Ok, apologies in advance if this isnt on the right catagory.
Ive always loved and admired lots of forms of graphic artwork for as long as i can remember. Whether it be a comic book, a flyer or even a pin badge. I was always pretty good at art and im quite a good drawer,my strong point being in cartoon styles.
To cut a long story short, ive always wanted to work in graphics or in a role that puts my creativity to use but ive never known how,or what to aim for.
Ive now come to a point in my life where i feel its now or never. Im 29 and im looking for advice on how i should persue it. The trouble is,im not in a postion where i can just down tools and go to college full time and ive looked for evening classes and there doesnt seem to be much around. Ive also looked at portfolio courses[no qualification] but they are way out of my price range. I just feel frustrated with it. I understand that sacfirices will have to be made but i really dont know which way to turn. To add to this,i know nothing of the industry so it all feels like information overload whn looking at what type of design to be teaching myself and other than the web there doesnt seem to be much straight talking info about.
Luckily,i enjoy my art .So i would continue to do so as a hobby if i get my dream job or not.
Sorry if this seems like a rant or a little long winded but i really need help!!!

Self teaching and getting into the industry

I am self taught and have been working as a fulltime freelancer for about 8yrs now. If you want to self teach yourself Graphic Design as a profession buy yourself Adobe Illustrator and start learning the following within it for starters:

Logo Design
Business Card/Stationery layout design
Flyer layout design
Poster layout design

These are the MOST requested graphic design services from business owners. Learn these first. Go to Google and find a tutorial on laying out a business card, flyer etc for 'print' in Adobe Illustrator.

(You can do these print layout (stationery, flyers etc) designs in Adobe Illustrator, you do not need to fund the extra cost of additional software such as Quark or Indesign to create these simple print layouts - do not listen to people who say you have to buy the extra software.)

Then you could do with learning the following about the correct print colours in your design layouts, and other practical matters such as marketing yourself once you've built up your design skills sufficient to charge for them:

Truly Ace Graphic Design Blog
Truly Ace Graphic Design Blog
Important Graphic Design Technical Information
Truly Ace Graphic Design Blog

Hope that helps. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Hi Amanda,

Thank you very much for the response. Im sure im going to find your advice helpfull and i also find it very inspiring that you are self taught and working within the industry.
Luckily i do have the CS4 suite and i have been doing some illustrations[just for fun!] with illustrator but im only on the basics up to now.
Ive been tinkering with graphics as a hobby for around 5 or so years but prior to getting the Adobe suite i have been using GIMP for the simple reason that its free. I had some designs printed to tees that a few of my mates were made up with some and were pushing me to try and launch my own clothing brand but i think its one step at a time[And im skint!:icon_biggrin:]

Thanks again,i really appreciate the help. And im sure i will stumble upon a few problems that i may have questions for!

Let the tutorials begin!