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I am looking for a new trade printer to work with my graphic design business.

I work with lots of small businesses in the following sectors, beauty, hair, fashion, cakes, crafters and makers, so digital print for smaller jobs is important low as qtys from 100. But also need litho print option too for more cost effective option for larger jobs.

I would be looking for someone that can work on white label dispatch and also offer the option of either free or to purchase low cost print samples of some of the work.

My main products consist of business cards, flyers, folded leaflets, banners, a2 posters, flat sheets.

I am mainly after someone that can offer business cards that are printed on 400gsm as standard and can also offer the options of spot uv and cut to shape. I would also like someone that can offer business cards on uncoated, gesso, laid, pearlescent (these don't need to be 400gsm)

I am also after someone that can offer bespoke quotes for non-standard sizes and formats.

If any one can help or recommend anywhere I would really appreciated it :) Thanks
Thanks, I had a look on your site but I can't see much options for different kinds of business cards, can only see standard and laminated ones. Are you able to offer other kinds of business cards through your quote option?
Yes we can print other items but the products that we are really cost effective on are the items shown on the website, for example it you want us to run a standalone job for 250 die cut business cards we will be expensive I should imagine. For the specialist items you require I would look for printers specialising in that product, you will not find 1 printer that can do it all at a good will have to pick and choose from a selection as required.
yes thats what i was expecting. i didn't think i would get a printer that would do all of these things and to be honest i like to spread my business about. So if there is anyone out there that specialises in any of the above it would be nice to hear from you and don't worry if you can't provide all of the above. thanks
Hi Nicola5 - where are you based?

Personally I find that seeking out suppliers in my local area* has served me well. I have a couple of small 2 colour printers, a couple of digital printers (for when it's too much for my own digital print - I have a Xerox 242 which is excellent and some in-house finishing - and then a number of larger full colour printers - B2 mainly; a specialist book printer; vinyl and signprinters and then Stationery Direct for some jobs! As Boss says one printer won't be able (or won't be competitive) in all aspects. Also having more than one supplier for each type of work means that you can keep an eye on prices and often find one who has more capacity at a crunch-point. *Useful if things go wrong you can make a personal visit! And if things go right it's good to be able to deliver a thank-you!

I do know a number of people who may be useful...
Hi Kate

i am based in Scotland and have tried sourcing local printers but none of them are interested in giving competitive quotes or even answering my emails with a quote or even a response sometimes.

As i said before I don't expect any printer to tick all the above boxes and I like to spread the work around too and have different printers for different types of jobs.

If you know any where that can help it would be greatly appreciated :)
Hi Nicola,

hope business is good.

I've been approached recently by a company called who appear to offer a well rounded solution. From reading on the website, it is based on some pretty flexible looking web 2 print software. They also have their own production hub, and the range from them appears to be vast (business cards alone have 600gsm, embossing, foiling, spot uv, die cut all as options along with 400gsm boards available in matt, silk and gloss finishes), its all delivered in white cartons, and has guaranteed turnarounds.

They have offered me an online demo a couple of times, I've yet to find time to look into it further but i'm planning on attending a demo at some point.
Thanks for replying :)

im really looking for to work with printers direct and not print management or reseller companies due to the fact my jobs are relatively small but lots of them, and for the size of my business too, so think it would be more straight forward and manageable to go direct, unless you can explain otherwise :)

I understand, and you are right in looking for a direct route for a printer. However, Mainstream have deals in place with printers that allow us to offer rates similar to/cheaper than what you may get direct from a printer.

If we are more expensive, then fair enough. However I feel that the change to quote for you will be beneficial for you.

Dan Matthews, Mainstream.

Thanks for replying :)

im really looking for to work with printers direct and not print management or reseller companies due to the fact my jobs are relatively small but lots of them, and for the size of my business too, so think it would be more straight forward and manageable to go direct, unless you can explain otherwise :)
Hi NicolaS, we use several printers depending on quantity or format. We try always to use a printer as close or local to us as possible but alas some feel new print mgmt companies & designers are a burden. We provide finished ready to print always so we dont usually use resellers. That said some are just as cost efficient as going direct and they value their client relationships more.

For small digital runs we use (part of Ravensworth) although they are more a retailer they are very good. We have never had a problem and they are open to new product lines/areas of print. We get most items next day from them and we are not on the mainland.

Some of the guys on here (GDF) are excellent but have not been able to match delivery costs for us sadly.
Hi NicolaS,

I'm new to the forum but I might be able to help with the A2 posters? I have a large format printing business based in Coatbridge.
Hi Nicola,

If you are still looking we'd be pleased to quote for printing (in-house manufaturer - litho / digital / inkjet). Also in-house design if required (three designers).

We ship all over UK.

Happy New Year.

Hi Nicola,

Sorry to hear that you have struggled with local printers.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my company.

My name is Leo and I am a designer here at Kumo ink. We are a commercial printers based in Livingston, providing good quality materials at competitive prices for a wide range of print. We work closely with other designers/marketing companies to provide printing solutions for almost all your needs!

I would be grateful if you could take a minute to have a look at our website ([url][/URL], where you will find the majority of our products and prices and can process orders online.

Feel free to drop me an email or phone call if there is anything you wish to discuss.


We are trade printers in West Yorkshire, specialising in small to medium jobs, flat sheet only. We can print most of the items you listed and can also do the different options for the business cards you listed. We take pride in our work and can deliver to mainland UK. We have customers all over the UK so Scotland isn't a problem.

I've only just signed up to this forum and saw the thread. Maybe you've found someone already, but if not then...

If you are interested then please get in touch.


01274 732001
Hi Nicola,

We'd welcome the opportunity to work with you. We have been printing for the trade since we established 43 years ago and deliver nationwide under plain label and notes.

We print litho and digital in house and have our own pre-press and finishing departments. Every job we produce is bespoke and we work very closely with our customers to ensure they receive best value and best service.

Perhaps you could call to discuss further on 01254 883208 or let us have your details and we'll contact you.

Kind regards,
Jane Caunce
Ellison Printing