Toyota Material Handling Europe Competition


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Hi there,

Recently I entered the Toyota Logistic Design Competition. My entry has been well received by the judge panel and I a now in the final of the competition, open to the public vote. Currently positioned #4, I need to gain public votes by displaying my designs to the wider public.

Voting closes very shortly. If you like the concept then please give it a vote by following the link below.
[link removed - Levi, moderator]

Thank you to everyone that supports this project, it will give me a great start to a career in the automotive design world!


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I'm sorry but you're asking us to vote for you, in what is essentially a popularity contest, after not even making the effort to join and this is literally your first post on this forum.

As such I've removed your link but feel free to join in the forum.


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I'd like the opportunity to vote for the design I like best.

You'd be better off posting your designs across your own social media accounts, friends/families/work/college friends etc to vote for you.

You designed the car right?