Towel Printing


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New to the forum and looking for some advice.

I'm a trustee for a Testicular Cancer charity and we are looking at producing some promotional towels to use as give-aways. I've already approached some specialist companies found via google but the quotes coming back are beyond our means.

Its been suggested that we would be better sourcing plain white towels ourselves and getting these printed locally. I've made a few enquiries and many people are suggesting embroidery whilst other suggest printing and to be honest I'm lost!

We wanted to print our charity logo / twitter hashtag as large as possible on bath towels 30 x 60 inch. Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can achieve this whilst keeping costs relatively low?

By Bath towel do you mean beach towel? They differ slightly in that bath towels are close to 100% cotton and are really big and fluffy, whilst beach towels are much smoother and often use man made fabrics.

You'll struggle to find anyone that will print with any level of success onto a bath towel but If you search for sublimation printing, you might have some luck.
Thanks Big Dave.

Yeah beach towels are more what we are looking for. I've found a couple of possible people after searching for sublimation printing so fingers crossed!

Thanks again.
Have you tried looking up Textile Printers in your area?

I've never printed onto towels personally - but I can't imagine the process being any different to printing onto any garment.

There's several methods to doing it.
Thinking of towels how about tea towels? Much more cost effective and hang around in a kitchen for years increasing brand recognition and embedding your charity subconsciously into their minds on a daily basis. Also the principle of recipriocity would still be achieved, it's more how you give than what you give. Think of the costs.