Top studios in London?


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For a project I am searching for the most desired studios in the London area. However I am unsure where to look as I have checked google but never find what I am looking for. Can you help? Which studios in London are most high-end, which are the best and most desired? I am talking about studios such as Pentagram or Pearlfisher, what else is there? thank you.
Wow they are very good thank you. I will add these and please let me know of any others if you think of more :) D&AD project? No it is part of a module for 3rd year of my uni. We compile a projects of places we aspire to work to one day. Pentagram ofcourse is one of the one mentioned and now I will add your suggestion. Thank you again
Ah okay. I asked because there's a DA&D brief open to students at the moment which is basically asking you to make an unconventional CV to help you get a job at your favourite agency. Yeah W.O are cool. I've got a mentor scheme with them starting in january and im really excited.

We are us are a lot smaller but really cool guys.
Why Not Associates
Wollf Olins
Sea Design
Venture Three

.. to name a good few.
Wow, I have found some very nice studios from you all. Thank you very much and if any more come to mind, please feel free to let me know of any more. This has been a huge help so far :)