To print business cards or not print business cards?


Hi all,

Thinking about getting some business cards printed up.

But they're gonna cost 60 odd quid, which is expensive for me at the moment.

Do people think they're a good investment? Or money could be better spent elsewhere?? I've heard stories of people getting work because they left a card by chance in shops etc etc, but does that really happen??!!!

PS. I'm also buying some webspace for a site that the cards will point to.
Well it completely depends on what your going to be doing. A few questions to ask yourself:

what will you be doing that will involve you needing a business card?

how often will you be doing that?

whats the card being used for? just info? sales item? mini flyer etc?

what quality will you get for £60 and how many?

are there other ways - eg online you could promote yourself for free? forums etc?

do you have a complete corporate identity? if not them spending £60 on Business cards at this stage could be bad, what if you change your 'logo'?

have a good think about why you need them and what you need them for.

we offer budget business cards from just £26 for 50 - check them out - our website is below.


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Well I was hoping to use the cards as a little ad/flyer for services/clients that I may not reach via forums etc.

Planning to do a bit of leg work and post cards to businesses.
I fully believe in business cards. When i've completed a job I will send the client a few cards to pass on to colleagues of theirs. On more than one occasion this has resulted in more work.

I also attend a few business network lunches / breakfasts every month and business cards are a necessity for these types of events.

We offer 250 Business cards for £29

However this might do us out of a job but personally I would go for a larger quantity like 5000 (see link above from Boss Hog) and pop them through doors/leave them in shops etc. They will be less precious and so you can be more liberal with them. Also, double sided cards offer more space to sell your business. Maybe a lot of leg work for you but not bad if the weather is good! If you don't get work at least you know you will be keeping fit and get a nice tan :icon_biggrin:

Good luck :icon_smile: