Tint issues in InDesign & Photoshop CS3


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I'm new on here but stumbled across this forum when trying to find a solution to my problem (sorry for the lengthy explanation!)....

Yesterday I noticed that in Photoshop, a PSD file I had been working on and proofing out to a client over the past few weeks had suddenly changed. There was an image of a 'note' with shading just inside the edges plus drop shadow applied which had all of a sudden lost its definition and the shading on the note itself had disappeared! So particular edges on the note appeared to just blend into the white background (it is a white note). I checked the JPG files that I had saved out and sent to the client for proofing and these were all fine (still had shading on note). Just every PSD file I had saved (I save as different versions whenever the client makes amends) had been altered and I have absolutely no idea how or why as I haven't adjusted these!

Then, I noticed in InDesign today, that instances of tints had also been altered on various files - even those dating back a month or so ago. For instance a black box tinted (not transparency) back to 15% grey had disappeared - it had almost faded from view completely whereas before it was fine. Other items on InDesign files had also had their tints knocked back considerably.

I am really concerned about this as I feel I'm working a bit blind not knowing how any tints or shades will print or display to others. And will produce different results.

Has anyone come across this before? It seems very unusual to me - and the only thing I can think of is perhaps an Adobe update that has screwed with the settings? I did receive an update over last weekend but I think that was just for Acrobat! Which is also showing the problem.

The problem doesn't seem to be affecting Illustrator at the moment - but is affecting Photoshop, InDesign and also Acrobat where pdf files that are months old are displaying tints incorrectly.

I am on Windows Vista by the way!

I am totally confused and this doesn't make sense....please can anyone help?! :icon_confused:

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Hi Diane, I've never encountered anything like it previously, only when playing between RGB and CMYK spectrum conversions.
However, it sounds closely related to your colour management policies, which may have defaulted with an update.

Basically (sorry I'm using a Mac, location might differ), when you go to the edit bar at the top of the screen, there is the option 'color settings', inside here there are a bunch of options which will effect your file when it is opened.

This can be located in your entire Adobe suite as far as I know. Therefore, I would suggest making a note of your illustrator settings, and use them for both ID and PS. It is worth noting that there is the option to convert to a different profile, just below this aforementioned color settings bit too, changing this to the same as your illustrator file is another possible solution.

I hope this helps you get to the route of your problem, let us know how you get on.
Thanks very much for the suggestion - I have been trying to fix this for most of this morning! I tried fiddling with the colour settings and compared them although the Illustrator and Photoshop settings were the same anyway. I then looked up a tutorial on 'Peachpit.com' for advice on the best settings and have adjusted - but sadly still no change :icon_confused:

When I print the affected documents on my laser printer they print okay so it does seem to be to do with the display.

I'll have another go with the settings I guess, just try combinations...

Dm, have you adjusted or calibrated your screen at any point of the design process? Just a guess as you say the printed version is ok.
Hey there, no the printed version comes out wrong too. I hadn't adjusted any screen settings or re-calibrated - it was really odd, just kinda happened suddenly!

Still baffled :icon_dunno:
It's weird because you'd think that if it was display related, then your illustrator would be playing up also, but you say it seems to be ok. You could attempt to back everything up and go back to a restore point before the the update which you mentioned, but it is a lot of faffing about. I mean you could even attempt to locate the update and roll back specific files to an older date.

I know you said the files aren't printing properly, but are your files still looking ok on your laser printer? It could be a color management issue in vista. If you right click, then go to personalize, then display settings, there are stack of options under advanced settings which may even have an effect on the files.

I'm clutching at straws with this one as it is a bizarre case, but I'd like to find out what's causing it.

Also, have you tried your files on another machine to compare colour readings?