Thoughts on this logo


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This is a logo I have designed for personal branding for a Computer Scientist:
Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 20.46.16.png

It was the intention to simply use the initials O and S and to have a square ratio so that it would work best for icons, profile pictures etc.
Please could you let me know your first impressions of this?

Many Thanks


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The name underneath needs it's kerning looked at and they're not 'balanced' on the left and right either.

I don't personally like the chopped off letters or the red border. It also loses detail when you shrink it down.


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Further to what Levi said, I think you need to spend a bit more time working on the letters, neither is particularly clear. There are quite a few options
with O and S. Get a pencil and paper and scribble as many ideas as you can think of. If you're struggling, just Google 'OS logo' for a bit of inspiration.

As he works in computers, OS may not be the best thing to choose as a logo, so maybe have a look at just having a name style?