Thoughts on this course for a beginner?

Hi there,

I haven't posted in a few weeks! I was wondering if anyone has the time to take a look at this link for me. Its my local college and its the only course they are doing in the design/creative sector. Its a foundation course. I cant go for a degree as I only have GCSE's.

Do you think its to broad? Or is that a good thing?

Cheers in Advance...


I've never heard of SERC so can't comment on the place itself but it depends on what it is you want to do afterwards. If you want to be a Jack of all trades, have the design skills for all of the things this course does, then it seems fine to me. If you're only interested in being a graphic designer then I'd say it's too broad. Way to broad. Especially if it's all going to be fit into 2 years. There's nothing specifically focused at graphic design.

Does this place not do Foundation Degrees in Graphic Design specifically? I wouldn't waste 2 years and a lot of money on a course that doesn't really focus on what I want to do.

Also, you can still apply for a degree course with GCSEs. Obviously it depends on what grades you have and what subjects you've taken. Generally you don't do a specific design based GCSE, other than Art or Design Technology, which is why a lot of degree courses ask for an art based foundation diploma or something like that as well as GCSEs.

I'd have a look around for a Graphic Design based foundation course or diploma. They're usually 1 or 2 years. Then you're set for a degree course after.
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Thanks for replying. Serc is the official SouthEastern Eductation board (Im in N.I) and the course is held there but run by Queens University.

I think I want to do grphic see I'm not sure what I want to do yet, I dont the industry well enough yet to know what I like or am good at? And no, this is the only one I can far. I cant travel to study either so I have alot of limitations that way and I passed all my GCSE's but I dont think I'd be able to get onto a degree programme with out some sort of access course. I will keep searching though. So hard to find anything!

You do know the entry requirements for that course state you need A-levels, so just having GCSEs wouldn't get you on the course...

As a course, it sound's very similar to the course I took. You'll find it is essentially a degree course but only 2 years. At the end of the 2 years you'd have the option to sign up to the final year of a degree course to specialise in a subject and earn a full BA Hons.
I reckon though, that because I have been out of education for more than 5 years I can prob get on with a good interview and a little help from a friend.

Big Dave, Did you enjoy your course? Did you find it was a good base? Its a foundation degree so, yes I'll be able to go on to study in a specified area if I wanted to, which would be good!

Tnanks, Eva
You may be lucky and get accepted if the course is under-subscribed but it's all about UCAS points and so the entry requirements are the same as those of a degree.

If you want to try a bit of everything then it's a good course BUT there will be very little time spent on learning how to apply creativity in design or actually learning the fundamentals and history of the industry (that's where a National Diploma comes in handy). It's almost a software knowledge exercise for the majority of the 2 years.

If you want to study Graphic Design I would suggest studying a strict graphic design course as you can pick the rest up on the way (I wish I had).
Thankyou for the insight Dave. I will definatley enquire about the UCAS points and whether I will be able to apply. Im sure there must be some sort of allocation of places to those who have been out of eductation for over 5 years. I hope there is.

Im going to have a serious scarring of the net to see if I can find any graphic courses in my area. I'm not hopeful though!

I have also been offered an opperuntity at work, which has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works. Atm I am doing 2d Autocad but our company is going to set up to be able to 3D illustrations and or Walkthroughs using 3D studio max etc, they are going to offer non official training from god knows where and a payy rise. Although its not what I want to do, it may be worth considering. Working experience of using these programs could lead me someplace...Jeez I dont know...

Big Bloody Spanner! I'd totally talked myself into leaving in Sept and training no matter what!...
I've got a mate who was a pro golfer until a wrist injury put an end to his future career so he took a bank loan and opend a record shop. the business didnt take off but in the long boring gaps between sales he started to teach himself 3D modelling from a book someone left in the shop. 3 years after his record shop folded he lives in Hong Kong working for a computer animation and visualization company.

So.. This spanner could be just the thing you need to get you going on a life changing career. If it's not then so what, it's another skill! :)
Oh its so hard to decide!!!!!

Im not at all mathmatical so Im not sure I'm actually that suited for the job other than I will know the products and Industry we are designing for. Im not sure if its going to be a worthwhile 2-3 years of staying here to not have any quals gained! And once I;ve gained the knowledge I'll want to move on, Im not sure I could handle knowing that and accepting their offer. Its a small business and with only another person in the Drawing office who is at the same level as myself.

Study or stay working? (only GCSE'S and 4 years experience in 2Dauto cad!)

So stuck now! Anyone else have any advice it would be much appreciated!