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I'm currently employed working on rebranding companies product brochures (20+ products and each in 50-page brochures) and also interactive and static forms that are too many for me to count! I'm doing all this in InDesign along with other rebranded content such as presentations, conference material etc.

I love doing this kind of thing. As this job will eventually end I had an idea to build a business around using my InDesign skills to offer services to others that may need one-off document development. Another idea was to offer services for others that may be rebranding and need help in converting their existing business collateral to the new brand.

I'm not a graphic designer and don't profess to be one, but I am very experienced in InDesign with practical experience after a few years ago completing advanced level training with Adobe certified trainers. I also continually do training courses in areas I'm not so familiar with to build my skills even more. I also have experience with Photoshop and Affinity Designer, but wouldn't put myself in the expert field of these although I am proficient enough to use the tools for low level intermediate.

My questions to this forum are:
  • do you see a market for these offerings?
  • if you are a graphic designer would you outsource to someone like myself once you have created the branding or do you prefer to do all this yourself? (my question around this is trying to find if graphic designers are a possible source of clients)
  • Who would you see as a possible client base that needs someone with Indesign skills?

Any thoughts, ideas and discussion you could provide to help identify how I can build a business with Indesign skills would be very much appreciated.

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Nobody cares what application you use. All that matters is the end product. If your skill is the production of branded documents then that’s what you market. How you do this may not be easy as there are thousands of graphic designers all quite proficient at their craft.


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Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're thinking of offering it sounds like something any proficient graphic designer should be able to do if many cases probably already are.

Can you make a business from it... who knows, that's more down to you than if it's a good idea or not.
As to the questions based on how I understand your post
  1. maybe
  2. no
  3. the usual clients we would get as graphic designers