This Might be tricky


Hey Guys,
basically i've been asked to design a t-shirt with a very detailed illustration on it.
The drawing i have been sent is very sketchy but gives me a good idea of what the client wants.

What would be the best and easiest way to tackle it when vectorising the drawing?

. A complete re-draw
. Try and draw out as best as possible with the pen tool?

Im just not really experienced with this kind of design.

Any help is good help


Hi Kye,

hmmmm I see what you mean, its fairly straight forward its just the time that's involved to redraw it in illustrator that is the problem. But if were me I'd draw it up in illustrator.
I have a friend who is amazing at line drawings.

She said she would re-draw it. Do you think this would be the best option?

Then just live trace it?

Anyone have any tips on how to get the best results doing it this way?

As suggested, just open it it up in illustrator, lock the layer then draw over it. You shouldnt need to live trace once youve re drawn it.
Live trace is pants. You'd be better drawing it yourself using the pen tool, and using it as a useful exercise in practice.
Also, just a suggestion, but you might want to draw the head and the body as separate elements too. I say this because, if you drew the entire outline of the bird, you're then left to draw the swirly neck, which would end up being an unattached line which may cause irregularities when it comes to colour fills. This may sound like madness or not make any sense at all, but it'll prevent you having to play with nodes in the long run.
Thanks for all the comments!

What do you think the best solution for the red inside colour would be?

Draw it as a seperate shape then colour it like that?