This chair or that?

Big McCann

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hi everyone sorry if this is the wrong section to post in.

anyway been getting really tired of my crappy chair i have right now.
i have narrowed down to these two chairs with some good reviews. any advice and what is your suggestions?

il be gaming, designing and in general spending long amounts of time in this chair

heres the links and please feel free to say what you think might be better. im a student so budget wise £100

Of course you will be looking for comfort when sitting for long periods of time, so I would definitely go for the HNNHOME chair.

Having said that, the net cover chair looks pretty robust as well!
I find leather/leatherette really uncomfy on long work days where there's a lot of sitting. They dont breathe well and you end up getting sticky.

Look at chairs based on the Herman Miller aeron chair. The original is almost £900 which is excessive but there are loads at a lower price point which take many of the ergonomics from the aeron.
Hi Big McCann,

I had one exactly the same as the 'Office swivel desk chairs' it developed a fault quite quickly. This was around the part of the chair where you can tilt it back.
So there was a lot of movement, the chair itself as in the fabric and the arms etc where fine. This was my experience and there is nothing to say that if you
purchase one it will happen. Just something to be aware of I guess. If there is an IKEA near you they can do some reasonable office chairs, there really is no
substitute for actually getting bums on seats. Especially if you are going to be using it for such extensive periods of time.

Been really lucky and was able to get a Herman Miller Aero. Where I used to work was downsizing the company and had an office clearout. I wouldn't have been able
to get one otherwise. They are solid chairs, mesh seats can be a little chilly during winter if you live in an old house like mine. But the comfort is fantastic. I have spent
some long hours in this chair, working and Gaming. I really cannot recommend them enough. You can pick them up on the bay at a fraction of the cost but they are still
quite pricey.