Thinking of Freelancing!

It's a relief to see videos like this, because you know you're not the only one thinking it. But at the same time, you're left worried knowing that there's no escape from it.

I really want to become a freelance designer, but would like more studio experience before I commit to anything. But when you see things like this, you're tempted to take the dive out of the plane before the light says to go, because all of the parties mentioned in the video, can get you down.

The bit that made me laugh especially, was where he mentions people calling you until you respond, thus stating that whatever they have to say, is much more important. And it's a real shame that the people at the top, in many instances, have no design, or in my case, print experience. Therefore unrealistic time scales are estimated, which can really hinder workflow, which in turn triggers those daft pointless meetings.:icon_rolleyes:
This is good video blogging. Interesting thoughts on IM as cross-office communication.

Personally being a bit to eager to respond to emails as soon as they come in, I have since taken other blog advice about just checking emails twice a day max. Once first thing and early afternoon. Then close your email programme totally. Small measures like this all help to dissolve distractions.

Oh yeah and subscribe from a few mailing lists too!