Tony Hardy

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I was just wondering what peoples views on were using Wordpress or HTML themes/premade websites from the likes of ThemeForest?
Is it appropriate? Can you really charge people for this sort of work?
There's a great range up there and was considering using one of the WordPress themes for my own portfolio site, although I'm capable of making it myself, I don't know. Confused :icon_Wall:
I don't think there's anything wrong with it to be honest. It's just the same as using Wordpress as a CMS rather than coding your own I suppose. Change the colours and fonts, etc and you've already got something a little more unique to you.

There's some really great themes I've seen that do stuff you just can't get with free ones without hacking them yourself, which requires a decent amount of coding know-how..
Loads of people do it. can't see there is anything wrong with it and customers get a nice CMS for a good price as well. Everyone is a winner :icon_biggrin: as long as you are honest with customers about what they are getting. Just sell it as 'this will keep the cost of your website at an affordable level'.
Cheers for the quick replies :) That was my thoughts on it as well.
Also, if you've already bought a template, and then think it'd serve well for someone elses site, do you have to buy it twice?
They're also good for learning how new things are done. You can dig right through the code and work things out.
I can't get my head around the differences between the Wordpress and HTML templates though? For one to be almost double in price...I get Wordpress would be easier to update for the everyday user, but is that about the only advantage?