The "too much experience" feedback

Hello all
I went to a job interview last Wednesday. I thought the interview went really well, clicked with the interviewers, felt positive, great working environment.
I was one of six invited for interview out of over 200 applicants.

I didn't get the job so I thought I would ring and ask for feedback. The response. "Too much experience", this to me is the most lazy answer and screams oxymoron.
They liked my personality, my work and then they contradict themselves by saying I have too much experience. Do these people not read CVs, surely they must have realised.

This has monumentally p*ssed me right off.

Anyone else has similar experience? How did you deal with it?
I know where you're coming from with this, in that it seems a bit of a non-response. Having been on the hiring side of this though, there is a very real fear of taking someone on who will get bored, feel trapped in the role and feel that they are unable to grow or exercise their creativity. Also, how do you ask someone whose career has grown above such a thing to muck in with arbitrary work. I'm sure that you feel that you have the humility to be able to do this, but the employer might not feel that they are able to put you in such a position, and certainly wouldn't want to deal with someone that is unhappy in post and loses their hunger too soon.

Or, they just couldn't be arsed to give you proper feedback.

Chin up, and best of luck going forward.
Although it is annoying, take it as a compliment. 'Too much experience' could be their way of saying, 'we can't afford your wages.' But you're right, it is a lazy answer.