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Mind the Gap?


So the new Gap logo has been unleashed on an unsuspecting world and has lavished us with a very real sense of feeling decidedly underwhelmed. The design community has obviously reacted in it’s thoughtful and considered way – one designer tweeted ‘OMG. WTF? I’m puking blood’ on first view.

So I’m going to try not to deliver a vitriolic diatribe on the worthlessness of this new identity but it does warrant a few words on the subject…

At first glance you get a strong whiff of American Apparel. Maybe it’s the Helvetica, simply crafted and displayed with the kerning ‘just so’, but then you get smacked in the eye with the small, badly placed and oddly executed gradient square. The whole thing looks incomplete, almost thrown together. This effect is probably heightened when you compare the new to the original. Now I’m not saying it wasn’t time to reconsider the logo, but the original carries with it a heritage, a history and lineage that means – whether you like it or not – you understand it, you know what the brand stands for. The new identity falls flat because it doesn’t reflect the values of the brand it represents. It’s trying to play the ‘cool’ card, but here’s the thing – Gap is not cool. It is conservative, but good quality, stylish with a small ‘s’. Gap products deliver a look that doesn’t really date. Gap is fashion without being fashionable – and what’s wrong with that?

Looking at the new logo is like the first time I saw my Dad wearing ironed jeans with box fresh trainers, it makes me feel uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed.

I suspect that the agency responsible was steeling itself for this day, and they won’t be surprised by the opinions being thrown around, but today the design community has a point. This is a bad logo and Gap has made a considerable error of judgement. On balance, the designer who’s puking blood may have a point, I hope he’s alright.

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If you haven't seen it here it is:
I was sure this was a hoax but it appears to check out. Genuinely beyond belief. As one wag has noted: "It appears that GAP has either redesigned its logo using Word Art or held a competition in a primary school". Honestly can't believe that the sort of agency a corporation like Gap ought to be engaging would even submit this, let alone live to see it rolled out.
It really is awful. Does anyone know who did it?

If i was the designer who did the original logo, which wasn't great to start with, I'd be astounded that they have replaced it with that.

It doesn't mean anything. Theres no connection. It's got nothing that makes you think 'thats alright' let alone 'wow!'.

I worry for our profession. We were safe in the comfort that budget companies will go to budget designers. Is this going to prove us wrong? God I hope not.
It's like they did the nice, if a little basic, bit of type, then went, "Wait, it looks nothing like the old one, bring back the blue square!"

I think evolution rather than revolution would have been the order of the day here. The old branding was so strong and individual, the new one is just a bit of Helvetica.

In short, toss.
It looks nothing like a logo for a clothes retailer, more like a computer company. A crap one at that.
Is that an Arial Font! Wonder what they charged to do that, if only us designers had it that easy. Then again i think my 3 year old could be more creative!
Well that didn’t last very long!

Shows that online communities have quite a lot of power...surely Gap must have spent thousands if not tens of thousands on the new logo then reversed the decision and lost the money all because the ppl thought it was crap! Sounds like progression to me.
I was in central London the other day and they have put back there old logo on the shop. I don't understand why they changed it in the first place.....