The new Ebay logo. What you think?....

im not a fan of it, its not minimal, its boring, looks like summit a retard could do in 10 seconds! "lets use myriad font and use the ebay colours YAY!!! can i get a smiley face sticker now :D
I really rather like it. Never liked the old one. Simple doesn't mean easy. I like it because it retains the character of the old one while being much more simple and elegant. And I like it because it has no drop shadows, grads, 3D look or any of the other horrible 'web 2.0' effects people have been using on logos for the past few years.

I like the new Microsoft branding too. Give it time. Nobody likes a new logo when it's first released.
It's basically a long-overdue move away from that cheap-and-cheerful online yard sale identity towards something a bit more sober and corporate, as befits such a massive global brand. I think probably the only logo design rule that really isn't up for discussion is the idea of simplification and this - like the new MS identity - takes that to an elegant, logical conclusion.
Something that's been bugging me about it; does it overlap like the old logo, or is it just my eyes?
Something that's been bugging me about it; does it overlap like the old logo, or is it just my eyes?

Doesn't look like it, though the characters do appear to be touching.

I don't like it, it somehow doesn't feel finished. The overall execution looks a bit amateurish too :/
Gotta say I'm not a fan either :icon_rolleyes: Seems too simple - I think you can take minimalist too far and I think that's the case here. I also feel the font choice is wrong, it doesn't have any personality. Seeing as eBay is supposed to be a personal sales site, I think it's logo should be personable and this just isn't.
On a serious note, simplicity is good as ebay is just so chaotic and busy. Not sure about the letters touching though.
I don't really understand why there's so much criticism of the move really.

For me, with a brand like Ebay or Microsoft and so on, everyone recognises it so to have a larger shift away to something newer doesn't make much sense to me - why cause confusion when you're already known worldwide? Looking at the old Ebay logo, it looks messy, archaic and doesn't seem appropriate to a corporation of their size these days, but you don't want to change away from it too much. With that in mind, I think the new logo is the natural progression. It's hardly pulling up any trees, but it doesn't have to because it retains the familiarity of the older, recognisable logo with modernity too.

I also can't understand why people are commenting on the colour scheme and so on as a rip off of those others, it's just the same as what they've always used!
I like the minimalist style it's gone for, but I don't think it'll be as recognisable as the original logo.
I'm not a "hater" of it but to me it doesn't look like a 'polished' logo. I agree it is a vast improvement on the old web 2.0 style and while I get why they have the letters touching as a nod to the old overlap logo I think some simple kerning helps to give it a far better, more elegant look (this is a 30 second Photoshop tweek but you get what I mean)
There's quite a trend at the moment for large companies really stripping down their logos, like Microsoft as previously mentioned. I think everyone is so used to the ebay logo that it's a bit of a shock and perhaps looks a little bare, once it's on the website I reckon it'll look smart.
I'm not really a massive fan of it either, in some ways I prefer the old logo, it had personality and looked friendly. The new one just looks like any other logo if it wasn't for the colours.