The method for matching a photo to a color palette - how to do it?


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I specialize in creating websites, but I'm not a graphic designer. I would like to know if there is a method for matching photos to a color palette. In short, let's say I have a website in a particular color, like blue (buttons, backgrounds, etc.), and I also have photos that need to be placed there. The question is, is there a 'mechanical' method to 'adjust the colors' of the photos so that they seamlessly blend with the existing colors? How do you practically handle this? I've been searching for tutorials and guides, but haven't found anything.
Websites like Adobe Color, Coolors, and Canva offer tools that extract a palette from uploaded photos. Use these to get a starting point for adjustments. Or you can try Manual Selection. Choose dominant or representative colours from the photo using an eye-dropper tool in image editing software like Photoshop or GIMP.
A bit late to the party but an adjustment layer in photoshop could definitely do this with very little effort. Either fill with one colour and set to "colour" mode, or use a gradient map if it needs to cover multiple hues.