The Littlest Vegetarian


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Hey guys,

I've spent the last couple of months working on an animation of a little girl explaining to her Mother that she doesn't want to eat meat after finding out that it's made from animals.

I finished it today, on my 50th birthday which is cool so I thought I'd share it here.

No animals or vegetables were harmed during this animation although Steve the cat sadly died of boredom at 1m 14s and had to be replaced by his understudy Craig.

I'd appreciate any likes or shares as this is essentially a shameless plug.

(Any birthday wishes may be left in the comments below where they will be viewed and graded in order of niceness and the winner may receive a little prize but I doubt it).




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Thanks! :D

Don't know Wardy.

All I know is the girl's called Zada and four years old.
I've been trying to find out.


Hi, Scott, this was great, loved the animation design, it's great to be a veggie too, the emotions really came through in the story, very colourful :)