The Green Hornet [Cinema Experience 2011]

Nice one Tony.

I am loving the idea of the project, great idea.

Just had a look at your other posters on Flickr, the 'Elm Street' visual is cracking, love the simplicity.
Love the background and simplicity, would like to see the glasses have some form of curvature like it would when worn on someones face. The strip on the hat does a good job of giving the hat the curvature it needs
Really like this Tony, in fact, I just really like your style in general really; gives off that feel of being a little old and antiquated yet, in this one especially, the colours themselves are still really vivid and stand out from the black.

What is the font you've used? Works really well I think.
Bonvin - Thanks very much. They're both ongoing projects so keep checking back and there should be new content pretty regularly.

Graphicbreeze - I see what you mean about the mask next to the hat, it does look a little flat. I'll have a bit of a play and see what I can do.

Dedwardp - Thanks a lot. I love the old kind of nearly retro but not quite feel. The font is Reklame. I only have the free version, but I think it works well too.
Hi mate, the vector designs look cool but I'd quite like to see the background texture on these aswell. Just a thought
It's easier to make out the texture if you view the image magnified on the dark background. It's really hard to see against the white Flickr background, but it's there.
I must have the brightness on my monitor higher than everyone because here it shines through first time? :S strange :)