The Death of the Business Card?

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This isn't strictly a print related story but I think its effects those who design, print and distribute business cards. A company have just launched a Apple iPhone Application that is a virtual business card exchanger for the iPhone.

Will we all be using these in years to come?

Is this the death of the beloved business card?

I personally think we will always need the impact that a well designed and printed business card gives.

Will this be like the "paperless office" we are all supposed to have!

See link for details..
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Yep just like the paperless office, and mp3's, there is something reasuring and solid about something real.
I think the iPhone idea is a good one, however, we don't all have iPhones (yet), so I think there will always be a place for the business card, at least I hope so or i'm out of a job :icon_biggrin:

Having said that, in 10-20 years time with technology moving as fast as it is, they may then be a thing of the past, along with many other things, who knows!
The uptake of 3g cell phones (not just iphone) with open source applications is going to be huge and I'd imagine that we are all going to be able to do this in the next 2-3 years maybe sooner, think about what your mobile could do 3 years ago and what it can do now.

I don't think that it will replace the 'real' business card though - bloody hope not anyway! :icon_smile:
We will never replace solid things like business cards etc.

I was just thinking the other day how I hardly have any photographs of my son whilst he is growing up. its all digital sitting on a drive somewhere that i can never be bothered to print out.

Yet my mum and Dad have hundreds of photos of me and my brothers and sisters and its great to look at these and have a laugh. Modern technology isn't always good!

I like having business cards, especially as you get so many crazy and great designs :)
Hi Col, get yourself a digital photo frame, they are great and very cheap now. They will put any photos you have on a sd memory card on display and on rotation.
Theres no beating the feel of a thick business card.

Eink (electronic ink) fascinates me. I think in a decade or two it could be cheap enough to distribute animated business cards!
So that app sends just the basic information with no real resemblance to the current business card? I can't see that catching on, although it wouldn't surprise me if we saw electronic transfer of business card images.
I think the giving and collecting of business cards will live on for many years to come. It was predicted that the net would end printed media for good......think of how many books there are on how to use the net!

There is a definate benefit to "E-cards," but how many people will keep them, file them, store them?

For now at least, we are still going to be using cards and keeping printers ( like us ) very busy.
You have been able to exchange vcards using email or a mobile phone for years. It is another example of something that sounds like a great idea but in practice no-one bothers with it. Why go through the hassle of sending details to their phone, when you can just hand them a business card.

Business cards can be used to give an impression of quality and attention to detail, a concept that has been undermined in recent years by cheap digitally printed cards on low quality stock. A business card is a reflection of your company. A business card is also something that a client takes away with them, that will remind them of you later on. Instead of being one of hundreds of entries on their phone or computer they have a physical object to remind them to get back to you.

Of course cards can be lost so it is always a good idea to email people your details as well so that it is there when they get back to their computer.

Apple have a track record of 'inventing' supposedly ground breaking new features that will change everyones lives. They are almost always just a new way of presenting something that has been around for years, that no-one really bothers with. These e-cards will just be another thing that is hyped up in the 'Apple Club' but doesn't catch on in the mainstream because it is only supported by one device, the iPhone.

I just want to add, this post isn't intended to be a dig at the above poster or anyone else who prints business cards and posts on this site. It is merely my opinion, there will always be a market for customers who are looking for a cheap price over anything else and there is nothing wrong with a business model based on that!
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Not on topic I know but beware of cheap LCD photo frames. They use TN panels so even on the best ones the viewing angle is only about 160 degrees horizontal and a lot less than that vertically. They are fine for sticking on your desk but if you put them on a bookshelves, mantle piece or anything else where it isn't going to be at eye height then the pictures will look like negatives from most places in the room.
Both will styay in market.

It's not that business cards will be completely eliminated. I think both business cards and iphone will have their buyers.

One of the biggest factor for business cards is that they are cheap.