The Britannia Inn

I like it! It looks very warm and inviting, and everything is clear and easy to see.

But what's with the invisible wine glass!!? :O

Also, I'm kind of in the mood to go sit in a pub for a good few hours now, so I guess it's doing it's job well.
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were still working on the front page so the invisable wine glass will probably change. just trying to get the main page looking nice with the content text image layout

but thx for ur comments :D
I think it looks really nice and quite appropriate for a pub; it has that feel to it.

For some reason though, once the site is all loaded when I scroll down from the top it always gets stuck at the menu/sliding image? It just freezes and takes a moment to carry on scrolling.
I really like the textures and gradients - the logo seems to get out played by the rest of the site but otherwise very nice job.
yeah the logo atm is just tempory until the pub want a proper logo designed, still being worked on and shud hopefully be ready end of this week / early next week :D
I know this place, in fact I have eaten here before! Website looks great, I think you have represented the place well - warm/country feel! :)
Thank you amy :D i myself have not been there as its a bit far from liverpool but my friend lives in barnsley and he goes there often :D