the best covering letters!...


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Some of you may remember my current unrest with my employer and my attempts to find a new job. Mrs bigdave works for the same company as me, doing the same job as me and is as un-happy as me. She wanted to apply for a job but didn't know what to write on her covering letter so I wrote it for her. 2 hours after sending it, she got a phone call from a very excited sounding man wanting her to go in asap for an interview.

I'm really pleased for her (and secretly jealous as sin) and if she get's it it'll be more money coming into the house but why oh why cant I write such a good covering letter for me?

Maybe that's where I've gone wrong? Maybe its just too hard to big yourself up enough so its better to get someone else to write your covering letter?..
That sounds great news - for you both!
Mrs Bigdave might get a new job - and Bigdave can write great letters. . . . how about copywriting as a career!
Seriously. . .
Pretend that you are writing the letter for someone else or, as you say, get someone else (Mrs BD? - she owes you a favour) to write for you - preferably someone who likes you and who wants you to get a job!