The average cost of design per hour....

On average, what is your hourly design rate?

  • Up to £10

    Votes: 17 10.2%
  • £11 - £20

    Votes: 42 25.3%
  • £21 - £30

    Votes: 57 34.3%
  • £31 - £40

    Votes: 30 18.1%
  • £41 - £50

    Votes: 14 8.4%
  • Over £51

    Votes: 6 3.6%

  • Total voters


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One of the main problems is that today design is seen as 'easy', hence the number of amateur 'bedroom designers' offering, ahem, "professional" design at a pittance. Thankfully there are still plenty of clients out there who value design and a designers' expertise, the hard part is finding them. But, saying that, once you've found one, they'll probably be able to connect you to others.

Thank you. I guess it's a case of knowing your stuff and sticking in there until you find some decent clients. Sorry to drive this thread off topic. I have posted another thread on this subject.


I usually charge 1 rate for all, but most projects are quoted in full which has cost me but is a fair way to price.


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totally depends on the client and there budget offcourse, here in Holland it's usually between 40-50 euros for a pro freelancer.


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Actually rate depend on work and professionalism. IF you have full confident to make any design for working like Coca Cola. I think it will help you to pay the higher rate.


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Groan! :(

I'm no marketing professional or anything but even I can see that you may be selling your services in the wrong place all together.
You are essentially trying to sell your design service to a forum of professional designers.
We do this for a living.
I mean, would you go to a cobbler to try to sell them shoes?
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I'm surprised by how little a lot of people are charging.

£30 an hour is quite cheap, imo.

It depends whether you are a sole trader or a limited company etc, with staff wages to pay, business rates and so on. If it is the latter then £30 p/h would not be feasible.

I am a sole trader, I charge a set rate on a project by project basis but I do work out my quotes based on a £35p/h rate and £30p/h for amendments.


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I must be doing ok then, as I charge £50 an hour, design only, print quoted separately with a 100% markup.


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I didn't know you were a sole trader, I thought you ran you own printers for some reason? Must be due to your superior knowledge of design for print ;)

Oh yeah, printing costs are quoted completely separately from design costs. They depend on how much the printers quote, which I have no control over.

An obvious point with regards to a designer's charges is the 'calibre' of clients they have. Obviously, if a designer has clients with very large pockets, wallets and purses, then charging under £50p/h would be foolish. I wouldn't charge a new start-up the same rate as a large, established corporation. If you can't make some extra buck off a big client, then what's the point?

Other factors include; your valued worth, quality of your work, professionalism, experience etc, etc.