The £25 Logo.


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Many designers are outraged by the growing number of spec and crowdsourcing sites offering logo work for extremely low prices, and rightly so. But what kind of service do these sites really supply? A London based design studio decided to try and find out...

Creative Review - The £25 logo

It's a great read and quite funny.

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It's quite sad but there are occasions when you create some nice logos and the customer really does just want a cheap looking logo.

And we've all got to admit that we've sometimes created a logo which probably only took half an hour?

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There are people who only want to pay a cheap price and yes - I will do them a logo. But it won't be the best one they could have had.

But it's a great article well worth the read.
I'd love to see more examples of how these companies work. Or a tale from someone who worked for one of them. :icon_wink:
I've got a client who spent around £200 on a logo and artwork for BC LH and CS. It was a one colour logo and stationery set - supposedly with bleed.
She had found a logo on a free site which she quite liked and had sent them a copy. They had supplied her with 'finished artwork'. The logo had been scanned (or at least was still a jpg). The whole stationery set was in CMYK (for the one colour), had no bleed and no crop marks, type wasn't outlined, fonts weren't included. She had come to me for the print and I had to tell her it wasn't useable! Still I did get to sort out her artwork properly (for a fee) and to do the print also. I said that she should go back to them but she couldn't be bothered. I seem to remember that the 'artwork' came as jpgs. The price she paid them was cheaper than their usual price as they were having a 'sale'!
Was reading this the other day. It actually made me wonder about whether or not these 'cheap designers' are actually a blessing in disguise, taking work that a professional brand designer wouldn't touch with a shitty stick. On the other hand it does still imply that a professional logo and a cheap logo are the same, only with a difference in price. When these people advertise a 'professional logo design' it makes my blood boil :icon_mad:

I saw someone link to this in the comments (maybe on Logo Design Love). He's spot on (features a lot of swearing).