Thats close enough?

Afternoon all,

Can anyone advise me on what is the closest i can take a design to the edge of a brochure page, before i have to go beyond and add bleed?

I want to run part of my design fairly close to the edge but i am unsure as to how much space is required to keep it safe when the brochure is put together by the printer??

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Hi Clarke, I would advise getting in touch with your printer to find out as it will depend on their set up, each print job will be completely dependent on the equiptment the printer is using and to what settings. Im sure they will be able to provide all the details for you.
Is there a certain measurement you shouldn't go within as a golden rule?
The reason i ask is the client who i am currently on a 6 month freelance contract with, will go with the printer who offers the cheapest quote, as this is a big print job.
Therefore at the moment i do not have a specific printer i can go to ask them what their individual requirements are??
Do you mean quiet zone for text? As a rule I work to 6mm but a lot of places are 5mm and one printer I know allows 3mm so you really do need to ask the question to the individual printer nearer the time of production.
Can only echo above comments. 5mm should be fine... 3mm can be fine if you have a careful printer and guillotinist*. Ask first.

*If it's a multipage or thin paper probably best to allow 5 or 6mm. You can get paper stretch, and also, if going through online finishing for a booklet trim, some movement.
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Really depends on the printer and job. If its a litho job you can get closer than digital. If its a multipage brochure you may also have creep to deal with depending on how its bound.

Personally whenever I see text close to the side of a job it always looks like it was guillotined wrong even if it is the design. 5mm would be best visually I feel.