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Hi Sorry as this may be a simple question but im hoping for a little bit of assistance if anyone can help.

Ive noticed that any text created in adobe illustrator no matter what format it is saved in seems to never look 100% crisp.

Im creating a logo which is just based on pure text in different fonts.

Within illustrator as an ai file or when saved as a tiff or jpeg the colour and outline to the text never looks 100% sharp.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
Thanks for the reply, that makes perfect sence.

To get the text displaying as sharp as possible when uploaded to a webpage would you just export and save as a jpeg/png with a high dpi?

I saved a file as a .png and set the dpi to 600 when saving but as it was too large i rescaled it using microsoft picture manager to about 30% of its orig size.

Would that potentially cause the issue with the text looking blurred?
When you save images or logo's for web, they should be at 72dpi.

To get your logo at the sharpest possible resolution, save as a .gif or .png. I would only use .jpeg for a logo if there are graduations in colour or tone.
Don’t forget in the Character panel in Illustrator you also have anti-aliasing options for text and in the View menu you have a Pixel Preview option so you can see what it will look like at 72dpi.

Edit: Actually, on closer inspection those anti-aliasing options do bugger all. If you did want to get rid of anti-aliasing on type you need to apply Effect: Rasterize then RGB, Screen, 72dpi and change the 36px clipping mask to 0px (but don’t bother ticking the checkbox) unless you want a box round everything.
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Thanks guys this is really helpful. I'll test it out and let you know how I get on. Thanks again